Four types of professional pile

Sheet pile
Is a thin steel sheet pile driving interlocking steel sheet piles to get the ground to form a continuous barrier? Steel sheet pile retaining walls and cofferdams are used in the construction, so a long time. Typically, the vibratory hammer, T-type cranes and sheet pile drilling to establish crawl.


Micro piles
Micro-pile, also known as mini-piles for the foundation. Micro piles are usually made of steel 60-200 mm in diameter. Micro-piles can be installed using drilling, impact driving, jacking, vibrating or screw machine.

Where the job requirements must be in the low headroom or otherwise restricted pile or professional fields and smaller projects, micro-piles can be ideal. Micro-grouting pile pile often, but also as non-filled micro-piles of piles is considered to be common.


Tripod piles
Tripod rig to install piles of the pile, forming a more traditional approach. Although the ratio of senior high school, but has been adopted to ensure that most of the day continue to use other forms of general unit costs. Tripod system is easy and cheap to make the site, so it is a small number of the appropriate piles. It can be (especially in the height restrictions exist) a restricted site, it is reliable; it can be ground in almost all cases.


Sheet piling

Pile, also known as king piles or Berlin walls, wide-flange H type steel structure is about 2 to 3 m intervals from the union of the former excavation. As the excavation proceeds, horizontal timber board (lag) of the H pile flanges inserted after.

Lateral earth pressure concentrated on the soldier piles because of their relative stiffness than backward. Soil water movement and settlement, to reduce contact with soil to maintain the company's lagging behind.

Conditions of the soldiers in the best place to pile wall is built will not lead to land subsidence, such as the synthesis of too much clay, the soil above the groundwater level, if they have a certain cohesion, good drainage, will take effect in the dehydration of sand, soil.
Including the soft clay is not suitable for the soil and the weak, to make such a big move, the soil loose sand, appropriate. Can not go beyond the walls of the bottom of the excavation and dewatering is often required.