Material of sheet pile


In Chinese market,two common steel grades available are Q235 and Q345,equal to S235 and S355 in European standard retrospectively.Problem with Q235 is enough elongation,but the tensile strength is not big enough,for light gauge sheet piles,Q235 is competent.For Q345,although the strength is bigger,but the elongation is not big enough,which means it may crack while rolling on the machine or driving into ground.Sheet pile is a kind of special profile,which has a demanding needs on the material used.
Throughout the world,materials for hot rolled sheet piles include S237 GP,S345 GP,S355 GP,S390 GP,even S430 GP.But materials for cold rolled piles are only limited to S235 JRC,S275 JRC and S355 JOC.This is one of the reasons why most piles in 20th century were hot rolled.
We realised the first day we dealed with sheet piles:If we want cold rolled piles widely accepted across the world,we must find a better material.After everal meeting with Bao Steel(the biggest steel mill in China,4th in the world),Bao Steel agreed to develop a new material only for sheet piles,that is MDB350,later we named it.
Today our MDB350 sheet piles have arrived every corner of the world,widely accepted by contractors.
Some certificates issued by some testing companies for MDB 350.Result shows MDB350 can even be treated as S 430's equivalent.