Declare first deepwater Fu Larsen six rail steel sheet pile cofferdam safety

At 14:00 on March 4th, with the first section pier infusion is completed, declare china's first deepwater Fu Larsen six rail steel sheet pile cofferdam safety 180 days, indicating that this cofferdam to be effective, security and stability. 

    This six rail steel cofferdam is Fu Ying River Bridge Pier 47 in the construction of river water cofferdam. Cofferdam 28 meters long, 22.4 meters wide, required 254 Larsen 30 m long steel sheet pile connected. Prior to this, there is no domestic Larsen 30 m long steel piling cofferdam construction Deep precedent, as the Shanghai Railway Bureau research projects in 2010, and in at 17:00 on August 31st, 2010 closed successfully.

    Fu Ying River Railway Bridge six full-length 5.54 km, a total of 170 spans the main pier in water 21 meters high, the design pile diameter 2 m, the design pile length of 86 meters, the actual drilling depth of 103 meters. The main span of the water associated with a variable cross-section of 70 +120 +70 m box girder, Fu six railway line is the largest cantilever bridge span continuous box girder. The bridge set deep pile, low pile caps, pier, large span in one, is a full range of key projects and control engineering.

    Undertake the task of the Ying River Bridge under construction iron-fifth of China Railway Bureau in the company of a segment, since October 27, 2009 has been drilled, according to the Shanghai Railway Administration "full coverage, the whole process, can be traced back, build quality," the general requirements, meticulous planning, advance planning, construction, support the use of steel, stratified silt and timely way to support the entire process monitoring, timely correction, has triumphed over 8 powerful blow, against the 9.13 flood attacks. Effectively capturing the deformation of steel sheet pile Larsen, offset, locking connection and other technical problems.

    Larsen's first steel sheet pile cofferdam deep safety to be effective, not only for deep water cofferdam construction steel to provide effective technical parameters, but also of similar construction to fill the technology gaps.