The application of principles of steel sheet pile

Function, appearance, practical building materials today, when people choose the criteria used. Steel sheet pile is in line with the above-mentioned three points: the elements of its manufacturing component provides a simple and practical structure to meet the structural safety and environmental protection all the requirements, and application of steel sheet pile to complete the building has great appeal.

The application of steel sheet pile and extending throughout the entire construction industry, from the traditional use of hydraulic engineering and civil process and by the application of rail and tram tracks until the environmental pollution control in applications.

The practical value of steel sheet pile a lot of new product innovation in the production has been reflected, for example: some special welded structures; by hydraulic vibratory pile driver and made of metal plate; seal coating combination locks and the processing plant. Many factors to ensure that the steel sheet piles to keep one of the most useful elements of manufacturing components, namely: it is not only conducive to excellence in the quality of steel, but also conducive to the steel sheet pile market research and development; beneficial characteristics of the product optimal design to better meet the needs of users.

Cementing a special print process development in this area is a good example. Such as Nanjing Wanze, it appears to create a steel sheet pile control of pollution in important new areas.

Since 1986, the steel sheet pile retaining wall is used as the vertical seal to protect the contaminated land has been found that steel sheet pile meets all the requirements to prevent leakage and contamination. As the advantages of steel sheet piling  retaining walls have gradually been widely applied to other realms.