Common FAQ of steel sheet pile

First, what is the steel sheet pile?

Is an edge of steel sheet pile with a linkage device, and this linkage can be freely combined to form a continuous close or retaining wall, retaining the steel body?


Second, the application of steel sheet pile

Here are some of the more common application of steel sheet pile is more effective application of geotechnical engineering and environment:

* Cofferdam

* River flood diversion and control

* Water treatment system enclosure

* Flood

* Wall

* Protection embankment

* Coasts

* Tunnel incision and tunnel bunker

* Breakwater

* Weir wall

* Fixed side slope

* Baffle wall

Advantages of using steel sheet pile fence:

* No excavation, the maximum limit of the reduction of waste disposal problems

* If required, steel sheet pile can be removed after use

* Not affect the topography and the depth of groundwater

* Irregular excavation can be used

* Can be on board to work, no other venue arrangements

Third, the construction process of steel sheet pile

(1) Construction of preparatory work: before the pile into the pile tip should be closed at the mouth of the groove, to avoid the squeeze into the soil, locking should be coated with butter or other fats. For the state of disrepair, locking deformation, severe corrosion of steel piles, should be renovated correction, bending deformation of the pile, the top pressure or hydraulic jack used drying methods such as correction of fire.

(2) by piling water segment.

(3) in the piling process. In order to ensure the verticality of steel sheet pile. With two theodolites be controlled in both directions.

(4) started to play one set, two steel sheet piling should be to ensure accurate location and orientation in order to play a guidance role model, it should be measured each time into the 1m, playing to a predetermined depth immediately surrounded by steel or steel plate and purlin Welded bracket for temporary fixed.